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Name:The Brussels Griffon Community
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Got Griffons? We do!
Welcome! This community is dedicated to the wonderful Brussels Griffon! If you'd like more information on this unique breed, or if you own a Griffon, join up and share your stories! We'd love to hear them!

The Brussels Griffon breed belongs to a small but DEDICATED cluster of owners, exhibitors and breeders who have been captivated by this breed's undeniable charm. The Griffon's flat face, prominent chin and large appealing wide-set eyes remind people of an Ewok or an elf. His square body wears either a rough coat or smooth jacket and harbors a lively spirit and a heart large enough to encompass a whole family. Bred to be the ultimate companion and shadow of his beloved master, the Griffon is happy as long as he can be with YOU. He is not for those who have little time for a dog.

Please put pictures bigger than 300x300 (or multiple pics) behind a cut. Instructions can be found here.

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